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10 social media fails that could cost you contracts

While social media can be a useful tool for contractors looking to land their next assignment; it can also be a massive hindrance.

Would you want a recruitment consultant or hiring manager having a look at your facebook profile or twitter feed? Well, 60% of them do!

You can spend all the time in the world crafting the perfect contactor CV, collecting glowing testimonials and building relationships with clients and agencies. But your efforts will be in vain if your social media presence is letting you down.

Here are the 10 most common blunders which workseekers make on social media – are you guilty of any of them?

1. Posting inappropriate photos
Do your best to keep your online pics recruiter friendly. A drunken selfie at 2 in the morning with a traffic cone on your head may seem hilarious at the time… but probably won’t get you hired.

2. Using bad language
There’s no point in presenting yourself as polite and approachable in your dealings with recruiters and clients if you then go effing and jeffing all over facebook.

3. Slagging of an employer or colleague
Badmouthing current or former companies or people you have worked with will not paint you in a professional light. Much as it can be tempting to use social media to vent work niggles, phone your mum instead.

4. Controversial comments
Sharing contentious opinions and strong political views on social media can be divisive and risky. The chances are others will disagree with you and take offence.

5. Moaning
If you are jumping on social media as soon as the slightest thing annoys you, think about how that makes you look as a person and potential colleague. Nobody wants to work with a negative Nancy!

6. Referencing illegal activity
This should go without saying. lt could land you in a world of trouble if it reaches the wrong eyes, but what it won’t land you is a new contract.

7. Rushed posts
Posting in a hurry (or after a few beers) leads to spelling and grammar mistakes which won’t endear you to potential hirers, so make sure you read your posts through before you hit send.

8. Getting caught skiving
Posting during work time or updating your status to “Third time late this week lol” shouts unreliable. Suffice to say clients will not be falling over themselves to offer you a job.

9. Tags & comments
It’s not just your own posts you’ve got to be careful of. We all have that one friend who delights in tagging you in inappropriate links and photos. Either ask them to stop doing it or adjust your settings so you have to approve tags.

10. Being socially invisible
Conversely, having no visibility on social media can also hold you back. Most jobs these days require a certain amount of tech-savviness and hiring managers will look at your online presence to validate this.

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