About Us

We are what we do

Ok, on paper we’re an FCSA accredited provider of umbrella and agency support services, but really, it’s all about the people!

Our vision is to make everyone we deal with feel good about contracting, and that colours every aspect of what we do and how we do it.

Each and every touch point with our clients matters to us. We love to put smiles on faces – whether that’s a recruitment consultant satisfied with a quick turnaround, or sorting a contractor’s payment query.

Meet The Team

A bunch of great people who like to work hard and play hard, but above all are 100% committed to the values of Liquid Friday and delivering the very best service to our clients.

Customer Services

Sam Pannell

Head of Customer Experience

Templar McGregor-Sims

Kieron Barker

Senior Leaders

Nicola Anderson

Colin Gunnell

Joe Taffurelli

Marketing & Support

Dan Blake

Lynne Gowers

Lara Biggs

Rob Topple

Account Managers


Anthony Lafarge

Sam Ayling

Jack Clark


Jon Gardner

Dara Hines

Helen Taylor

Jade McDonald

Sharon Flaherty

Annabel Hogan


Lewis Gosling

Kyle Needs

Lucy Brookes

Harrison Bridger

Bailey Thompson

Alan Land

Agency Support

Nick Rowe

Jared Smith


Sarah Taw

Zoe Parker

Niki Cronin

Morgan Frost