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Liquid Friday Besties!

June 8th is National Best Friends Day! Near or far, old or new, our friends help us through thick and thin.
We’re celebrating some of the great friendships that have blossomed in the Liquid Friday workplace – what could be better than coming to work with your bestie!

Sarah and Zoe

“Zoe and I have been friends coming up to 7 years in July. We met at Liquid Friday, I was new to the team and Zoe trained me as an advisor on the onboarding team. I owe her a lot as she helped me to get to where I am at today with the company!

We both love Tarot card & star signs, food, music and not forgetting Tik Toks! We also have a shared passion for food and when we get together outside of work, we try to make some TikTok inspired feast.

Zoe is a kind-hearted person; I always appreciate her positivity and fun outlook on life. Everyone needs a Zoe Parker in their life!

We have shared many fun memories together that I can’t pick a favourite! We have that friendship where we only got to look at each other with a funny face and we are crying laughing for about an hour. We are so silly!”

Dan and Joe

Holly and Beth

“Beth and I have known each other since 2008, who knew we would both end up at Liquid Friday!
In fact when we met, we were both wearing a stupid outfit trying to get people into a club down Guildhall Walk in Portsmouth lol.

I think we have so much in common, our whole lives seem to have merged, it’s much easier to say what isn’t in common and that is that I have straight hair and Beth has curly, and also our driving skills are at VERY different levels!

We love spending time together, so most things are great for us; including but not limited to driving around together, eating together, annoying Colin (our CEO!) together, performing karaoke together, going on holiday together, and just generally being together.

Beth is very supportive and incredibly uplifting, she sees the good in everyone and loves reminding people how amazing they are. She is a kind soul, has time for everyone and is my number one cheerleader ❤

We have so many memories over the last 14 years of friendship it is difficult to say the funniest but one that I know is not offensive is when we went to the pub for a drink and a catch up with another friend and we ended up getting out of hand and all getting matching tattoos at the end of the night.. good times.”