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Launching March 2016

As part of our continuing commitment to ensure contractors are actively engaged and to highlight the benefits of working with Liquid Friday, we have provided all of our employees with access to over a hundred practical & recreational benefits – from free spa days to discounted gym memberships, cinema tickets, groceries and travel. New perks and benefits will also be added to the platform regularly. All employees will be able to simply redeem these via their own dedicated account using Perkbox’s online platform and smartphone app.

New benefits available to Liquid Friday staff include up to 6% off at supermarkets including Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, money off in 50 high street stores and 20,000 shops nationwide, two for one and 50% off in more than 6,500 restaurants, money off in pubs, bars and coffee shops, heavily discounted theatre tickets and attraction day passes, corporate rates in top gym chains, half price MOTs, money off Apple products and other tech and a free month’s travel in London on an Oyster Card, amongst thousands of other benefits.

Joe Taffurelli, Operations Manager at Liquid Friday, commented: “Although we have a loyal contractor base, employee engagement and retention will always be difficult. From April, we will face fresh challenges as the government introduces new legislation, restricting the money contractors can claim on travel and subsistence costs. Now is a perfect time for us to join Perkbox. The fantastic benefits and perks offered on the platform will allow us to make a real difference to our contractors’ take-home pay and overall employment package. We are delighted to be one of the first umbrella companies to work with Perkbox and hope that our market leading position will help us to attract, engage and retain top talent in the future.”

Saurav Chopra, CEO and Co-Founder of Perkbox, said: “Employee benefits are becoming a necessary buffer against the financial blow that is poised to hit umbrella companies and its contractors when the new legislation comes into effect next month. We are very excited to be working with Liquid Friday and hope that the perks on our platform will help the umbrella company to hold its position as an attractive employer in the face of disruptive change.”



Perkbox is a cloud-based employee engagement platform for business of all sizes, giving employers and employees a range of great perks, social reward and recognition tools, and a health and wellness platform.


Perkbox is the employee benefits brand of Huddlebuy Ltd (, the UK’s largest benefits provider for startups and small businesses. The Huddlebuy service helps businesses grow by offering handpicked business deals from trusted brands with offers covering financial, marketing, business, technology and telecoms, education and e-learning products, alongside personal and recreational perks.


Perkbox was set up after Huddlebuy’s business customers expressed an interest in passing on these business and personal perks onto their employees. Perkbox is therefore the definitive and dedicated employee benefits service for all businesses big and small.


As well as easy online redemption of perks on desktop and via smartphone app, Perkbox members also receive a seasonal surprise ‘Perkbox’ box stuffed with treats and free goodies delivered straight to offices.


Perkbox was set up with the belief that the best companies to work for look after their teams. The most successful businesses are comprised of people who are engaged, satisfied and loyal. Providing perks helps build stronger teams and incentivises workers to aspire to greatness.


Until recently, only large corporations could afford to pay for employee perks. Perkbox’s easy and wholly customised offering allows SMEs to reward and incentivise their growing team with perks that help build a happy work culture with an investment in line with their budgets.


If you want to know more about how you can benefit from Perkbox please contact the team now!