Right to Work for EU Nationals – free guide download

Keeping up with compliance in recruitment is an ever-moving goalpost!

Brexit added another layer of complexity, with changes to how Right to Work checks are carried out for EU, EEA and Swiss nationals.

We’ve created a concise guide to help ensure you get it right. Don’t forget this can also be shared with your clients who may be employing EU staff directly.

What changed and when?

When the Brexit transition period ended on 30th June 2021, new obligations for EU, EEA and Swiss nationals came into effect.

As of 1st July, EU nationals are required to demonstrate Right to Work with evidence of their immigration status, rather than nationality.

Our jargon-free guide covers all these key points:

  • Employing EU staff – what’s changed?
  • Review of the EU Settlement Scheme
  • Right to Work checks for EU Nationals
  • Acceptable ID for EU Nationals
  • How to undertake an EUSS check
  • Internal Process – how Liquid Friday can help

Right to Work checks during Covid

At the start of the pandemic, the government temporarily adjusted how Right to Work checks are carried out, and they have recently announced that these adjusted checks will be extended to 5th April 2022.

This was primarily to enable checks to be carried out remotely during the disruption of the pandemic. The adjustment means that Right to Work checks can currently be carried by video call, and scanned or photocopied documents are acceptable, rather than originals. Read more

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