We’ve done it again!

We’re proud to have received confirmation that Liquid Friday has passed its annual FCSA review, making us accredited FCSA members for 8 years now!

We take the accreditation process very seriously and we are 100% invested in ensuring that our operations consistently meet the standards set by FCSA’s recently updated Codes of Compliance for both Umbrella and CIS services.

Coming hot on the heels of our brand refresh and announcement of enhanced services for our contractor and agency clients, it has been a busy few weeks!

FCSA Accreditation Review 2021

The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association is the UK’s largest independent trade association for professional employment service providers, including umbrella companies, CIS contracting services and contractor accountants.

As FCSA members, we are independently reviewed and tested annually by Ernst and Young LLP, with the results disclosed to HMRC. The bar is high, and there is no room for bad practice.

This year, we are particularly delighted to have passed our review with flying colours.

Joe Taffurelli, our Head of Operations says, “I am so proud of the team for consistently delivering exceptional service to our Agency partners and Contractors. The FCSA code is still the most stringent code of compliance in the industry and is always a real challenge for any member to deliver year after year. I am still eager for the Government to use the FCSA Code as a sound basis for any regulation and hope that this is a priority for 2022 and makes and appearance in the upcoming Employment Bill.”

The past 15 months have, for obvious reasons, been uniquely challenging for all businesses, in our industry and beyond.

So this year we are particularly delighted to have passed our review with flying colours for both Umbrella and CIS services. It is in no small thanks to the Liquid Friday Team who have shown tremendous resilience; their dedication and commitment to our clients never wavering.