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Why green? The science behind Liquid Friday’s brand colours

Just for fun, we’re taking a peek behind the curtain to explore the story behind Liquid Friday’s signature green and why it’s the key to people’s recognition and recall of our brand. 

Our vibrant, unmistakable Liquid Friday green is more than just a branding choice, it’s the very essence of who we are. But have you ever wondered about the logic behind our bold brand colours? Far from being a random choice, there’s actual science behind it! 

Liquid Friday’s Head of Marketing, and resident marketing geek, Dan Blake, explains:  

“In marketing, every detail counts. From catchy slogans to captivating visuals, every element plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of the people we want to reach and influencing their decisions. 

Among these elements, colour is a powerful tool that can evoke emotions, convey messages and shape brand perception. One of the building blocks of the use of colour in marketing is the colour wheel theory, which categorises colours into primary, secondary and tertiary hues. Each hue evokes different associations that marketers can tap into. For example, warm colours like red and orange often convey energy, passion and excitement, while cool colours like blue and green evoke calmness, trust and harmony – vibes we were definitely going for in the Liquid Friday brand.” 


“This is where it gets really interesting. Colour has deep roots in cultural symbolism and societal beliefs. At Liquid Friday we operate only within the UK, but if that wasn’t the case, we would really have to reconsider how we use colour in our branding. 

In China, for example, the colour red holds immense cultural significance. It is associated with luck, prosperity and happiness. Red envelopes containing money are commonly exchanged during festivals and celebrations, symbolising good fortune. Therefore incorporating red into marketing messages can resonate positively with Chinese consumers, conveying a sense of auspiciousness and joy.

Conversely, in South America, the colour green carries a vastly different connotation. While it may symbolise growth, nature, and fertility in many cultures, in countries like Brazil and Argentina, green is associated with death! This belief stems from the colour’s connection to forests and jungles, which are often perceived as dangerous and inhospitable environments. Consequently, using green in marketing materials in these regions may evoke feelings of unease or negativity among consumers.

These cultural nuances highlight the need to tweak marketing strategies to fit local perceptions and preferences. What works in one culture might flop in another, so thorough research and culturally sensitive approaches are key. 

Colours don’t stop at symbolism; they can shape how we view brands and influence how we judge their personality and credibility. They can also create sneaky subconscious connections with products or services, impacting how we perceive quality and value. Colour is the unsung hero of marketing and the science behind it is fascinating! “

Why green? 

At Liquid Friday we’re all about making a splash in the world of contracting, right? So what better way to stand out in a sea of competitors than with a colour that screams “Hey, look at us!” Green symbolises growth, renewal, good fortune and trust. 

Plus, it’s our secret weapon at events – people spot our green logo from a mile away and go, “Hey, you’re the green umbrella company!” 

And you know what? We totally own it! Because green isn’t just a colour for us, it’s our badge of honour, our ticket to standing out from the crowd. So, next time you see that splash of green, know that it’s more than just a colour, it’s the heart and soul of Liquid Friday. 

Meet our Head of Marketing 

Now in his 13th year with us, Dan Blake has come a long way since starting his Liquid Friday journey as a Business Administration Apprentice. 

His career progression and interest took him in the direction of the marketing discipline and in 2014 Dan established an in-house marketing team to support and grow the business. 

Fast forward a few years, Dan is thriving in his role as Head of Marketing, growing the team and managing all day-to-day activities. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Dan is currently completing a BSc (Hons) Degree Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing at the University of Chichester. We love you Dan!