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£500 cash boost for each Liquid Friday furloughed worker

Coronavirus. Covid-19. Social-distancing. All words that, this time last year, the vast majority of us had never heard of, much less used in our everyday conversations. “Furlough” is another such term, one which is now so familiar to employers and employees alike.

Throughout the pandemic Liquid Friday has been intent on supporting and retaining as many of our umbrella employees as possible. Furloughing essentially meant keeping jobs on ice, so that when things gradually started to open up again, workers would have jobs to return to.  

Why it pays to stay with Liquid Friday

Over the last 6 months, it has been very much business as usual for the Liquid Friday team, albeit from home in most cases! 

At the height of the crisis, we were fully operational supporting the assignments that were still ongoing, including those of key workers, and of course processing the claims and payments for those eligible for furlough.

We did our best to inform, support and reassure those affected financially by coronavirus, and we were overwhelmed by the positivity and loyalty we received from our agencies and contractors in return

That’s why we have decided to pay out a £500 cash bonus to every Liquid Friday umbrella employee where they are eligible for the Job Retention Bonus –  a government scheme to support employers who keep on their furloughed employees. 

Were you furloughed through Liquid Friday?

If you were furloughed through Liquid Friday during the pandemic, and if we are able to claim the Job Retention Scheme Bonus for you as an employee, we will pay you a one-off £500 bonus. 

You will need to still be employed by Liquid Friday by 31st January 2021 and will need to earn an average of £520 a month through Liquid Friday from November to January.

Staying with Liquid Friday also gives you continuity of employment which is attractive to engagers and also useful if you need to apply for credit or a mortgage.

We will be communicating directly with those who may be eligible to ensure they do not miss out.

Click here to find out more about eligibility for the Job Retention Bonus Scheme