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We’re not just about payroll. We’re about growing your business and making your life as easy as possible with our software, services, and expert team.

Umbrella meets smart tech.

Our industry-leading umbrella service comes with a secret weapon you won’t find anywhere else. All Liquid Friday agency clients have access to our cutting-edge Stride technology. It works by analysing millions of contractor assignments and thousands of industry sectors to deliver you a predicted indication of when your contractors’ assignments are statistically likely to end based on live, real-world behaviours.

The winning combination of efficient umbrella payroll with smart technology drives recruitment businesses forward by enhancing productivity, streamlining operations, and boosting overall profitability

Data-driven decisons that
make you money.

View real-time and predictive candidate behavior to maximise revenue through better candidate
retention, faster repeat placements, and reduced resourcing costs.


Candidate actively seeking a new assignment.

Get Ready

Candidate’s assignment predicted to end within 14 days based on live industry data.


Candidate not active on an assignment.

Helping you Place Faster

Not only does our app allow contractors to view and manage their assignment income, it can also update you when they are considering or seeking their next assignment, helping you redeploy cheaper, faster, and easier.

This means Liquid Friday can provide you with real time data on your deployed contractors to help you make smarter, more efficient placements.

Real time updates

Liquid Stride provides you with real-time updates regarding your contractors onboarding status.

Providing additional information is a breeze making your workers first payroll super fast and super easy.

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Plus All this Good stuff.

Compliance as standard

For us compliance is not a USP, it’s a given

We fully accredited FCSA members, REC partners, TEAM affiliates and we’ve been doing this for over 16 years.

Financing your success

Credit terms so you can pay contractor workforce without squeezing your cashflow.


Advances management

Managing contractor pay advances can be painful. We’ll sort them directly with contractors via our app, so you don’t have to.


Protecting your workforce

£20 million business insurance, private healthcare and personal accident insurance for your contractors.

Invoice factoring

If you have larger workforce funding requirements, our full-book invoice factoring division has you covered

Paid on time, Every time

With a dedicated support team, daily payrolls, and contractor app, we get your contractors paid swiftly and securely.

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