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Demand For Cyber Security Professionals Reaches Record High















New research demonstrates that demand for contractors who are qualified in cyber security is now higher than ever, Contractor UK reports.

According to Technojobs’ latest study, by December this year cyber security had become the most sought-after IT skill in the UK – with contracts in the sector increasing by more than 100% compared to the same time last year.

Daily rates for IT contractors dealing with cyber security also grew during this time, witnessing a 16% year-on-year rise to an average of £500 per day. This makes it one of the highest paid and fastest growing areas of IT, the article explains.

Experts are putting this increased demand down to a shortage of skills across the IT and tech industry as a whole. For Anthony Sherick, managing director of Technojobs, the cyber security sector is “suffering from a problem of supply and demand” – and this is likely to grow as news of hacks and cyber-attacks continue to appear in the media, and the government continues to deal with threats to national security.

While this may be good news for contractors who are trained in cyber security, Sherick warns that “if there continues to be such a distinct lack of skills, businesses will find it increasingly difficult to find contractors from the UK with appropriate skills, stunting the growth of the economy. More importantly with cyber security, leaving our citizens and national security massively exposed.”

In order to resolve this issue, he expresses the need for schools, universities and businesses to invest in skills and training to develop a “pipeline of talent” that is able to fill an increasing number of vacant roles.