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Financial Wellness Month – let’s talk mortgages

January is financial wellness month, and is naturally a time of year when many of us resolve to take control of our finances for the year to come.

One of the biggest financial considerations is managing living costs, with a third of us worried about rising mortgage and rental costs. Yet only 17% of workplaces offer mortgage advice as a benefit, according to YouGov Spotlight on UK Financial Wellbeing research carried out in July 2023 .

Mortgage advice for financial wellness

Mortgage repayments or rent is the biggest single financial outlay for most people every month. Finding a better mortgage deal, or just getting onto the property ladder can make a big difference to household budgets. 

Obtaining reliable mortgage advice is a crucial step towards achieving financial wellness as it can allow you to make informed decisions about one of the most significant financial commitments you’re ever likely to undertake – the purchase of a home.

A well-considered mortgage strategy can have a profound impact on overall financial health, influencing factors such as budgeting, savings, and long-term wealth accumulation. Professional mortgage advice may not only secure the most favorable terms and interest rates but guide you in aligning your home financing with broader financial goals. By understanding the intricacies of mortgage options, you can make choices that not only suit your current financial capacity but also contribute to future financial stability. This proactive approach promotes responsible financial management, reduces the risk of financial stress, and sets the foundation for a more secure and prosperous financial future.

If you work through Liquid Friday, you can take advantage of  unlimited free mortgage advice. We don’t simply pass your details on to a third party, we have an experienced Mortgage Advisor in-house, who is totally switched on the contractor mortgage market.

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A free session with our Mortgage Advisor can help you make an informed decision about your home financing and set you on a path to financial wellness for 2024 and beyond.

During your free consultation, we can:

  1. Assess your current home financing situation
  2. Explore mortgage options that may suit your needs
  3. Review your existing mortgage for potential refinancing opportunities
  4. Answer any questions or concerns you may have about the mortgage process.
  5. Offer advice tailored for contractors

As with everything we do at Liquid Friday, we’re all about transparency, customer satisfaction and empowering our contractors. Expert mortgage advice could be the key to your financial wellness – just click below to get the ball rolling.

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