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Get fit in 2022 with Liquid Perks

If you are anything like us at Liquid Friday, you started 2022 with the best of healthy intentions, resolving to get fit, tone up and lose the festive pounds. 

If, (also like us) you are starting to fall off the fitness wagon now we’re a couple of months into the year, we have the answer!

Free online fitness classes

Maybe what you  need is to ditch the gym, stop pounding the pavements in the winter chill and check out the free online fitness and wellness classes available from Liquid Perks.

There are over 100 free live and on-demand classes, with something to suit every age and level of fitness. 

Here are 5 of our favourites! 

CrossFit at home

The fastest growing fitness craze of the past 15 years, CrossFit combines bodyweight exercises with weight training and cardio to produce well-rounded fitness results. CrossFit at home (or at the office!) gives you a great workout in a short time with limited equipment. 

Pilates for Mobility and Movement

An uplifting class that draws on a range of disciplines including yoga and pilates. It is 45 minutes of fitness and mental restoration, exploring breathing techniques, strengthening and flexibility exercises and finishing with guided meditation that will leave you feeling energised.

Cardio Sculpt

A 45-minute total body conditioning class using low impact HIIT and strength movements to improve balance, coordination and core stability. An excellent way to supplement your existing fitness regime by working opposing muscle groups and increasing your range of motion.

20 minute Tai Chi for Joint Mobility

What can you do with 20 minutes? With Tai Chi, quite a lot! You don’t need any equipment or a lot of space to enjoy this workout. Your instructor will take you through a series of Tai Chi forms to reduce tension, work your joints and improve mobility. Just relax and go with the flow!

305 Fitness Dance Cardio

Get sweating with this high intensity party of a workout! A non-stop cardio dance class featuring sports drills, conditioning exercises and interval training, with an additional sculpting section halfway through the session. 

How to access these classes

Don’t just read about it – do it! All of the above live and on-demand classes (and many more) are brought to you by Liquid Perks (powered by Perks at Work). It is just one of the benefits you get as an umbrella contractor employed by Liquid Friday.

When you sign up with Liquid Friday, you’ll receive an email from Perks at Work with instructions on how to set your account and log in.

Once you are signed in to the platform, click on “COA Community Online Academy”.

As well as fitness and wellness, there are a range of online coaching sessions for both adults and kids. Just browse until you find something that floats your boat!

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