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Meet the Team – Joe Taffurelli, Operations Manager


In this series of blog posts you get to put the faces to the names behind the scenes at Liquid Friday. Today we are chatting to Joe Taffurelli, Operations Manager, about his role within the team, the industry and life in general!

How long have you been at Liquid Friday?

4 years

Tell us a bit about your role

I look after the operations to make sure that everything happens both correctly and at the right time. Concentrating on delivering exceptional customer service is extremely important to me, so ensuring that the team are at the forefront of the industry keeps me very busy.

A big part of my role is translating strategy into reality, always striving to improve and streamline business processes for both our clients and customers.

Finally, I provide support and direction to all Team Managers whilst driving performance as it is vital to ensuring the business continues to be the very best and rewarding the behaviours needed to building the best team possible.

What makes Liquid Friday stand out from its competitors?

For me our greatest asset, and what truly sets us apart from our industry colleagues, is our tenacious Liquid Friday team. We have the industry’s best people working here who really believe in what we do and all live by our team mantra “exceptional customer care at the heart of everything we do”.

Putting the customer at the core of our business has meant that we have developed a team that always strives for the very best result for our clients and understands that any decisions we make will affect real people and their families.

Finally, our straight talking, no jargon approach to payroll & compliance has meant we are able to have high value conversations with our clients and contractors, building trust and always delivering on what we promise.

In your view, how are things for contractors out there at the moment?

Life for contractors is extremely challenging at present. Speaking with contractors the recent changes to the way in which expenses are calculated and paid has really hit home with many no longer financially able to accept many assignments.

Combine this with the prospect of post-Brexit Britain having less growth and ultimately less work, times are not looking great for contractors.

My advice to contractors is to work with us and our agencies to stay one step ahead and ensure that you are looked after by the best possible people during times of change and uncertainty. We are constantly developing new and effective tools & services that will give greater to support our contractors and clients.

What do you enjoy most about working at Liquid Friday?

Our team and our contractors. Working with such a diverse and dynamic group of people is extremely refreshing, and our goal to be every contractor’s first choice gives me the drive to continually improve our services and products for our customers.

What do you do for fun / outside the office?

Spending time with my family is precious to me. I love spending time with my nieces and nephews watching them grow into amazing people. I also love to travel with my partner and I am looking forward to a summer packed with exciting trips!


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