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Meet the Team – Michael Burton, Payroll Manager



As our very own Prince of Payroll, Michael is at the helm of the Liquid Friday payroll team, who manage the whole Liquid Friday payroll process from receiving hours and time sheets through to raising invoices and processing payments and deductions. We managed to take 5 with Mike to chat about his role and Liquid life.

How long have you been at Liquid Friday?

6 years overall.

Tell us a bit about your role

As Payroll Manager I oversee the payroll function to ensure accurate and timely invoices are raised and that all of our contractors are paid on time.

In your view, what makes Liquid Friday stand out from the competition?

Above all, I think what sets us apart is the commitment of the team to do the absolute best for our contractors and agencies. We pride ourselves on our flexibility – there are no “jobsworths” here, everyone will do as much as they can to help people.

In your view, how are things for contractors out there at the moment?

There’s a lot going on at the moment for contractors to be aware of – we are now into the new financial year so new tax codes and personal allowances apply.
We’ve also seen a recent surge in contractors being targeted by noncompliant pay schemes which promise the earth but could get them into a lot of trouble with HMRC.
And of course, agencies are dealing with the changes to IR35 in the public sector.

What do you enjoy most about working at Liquid Friday?

There’s always a really friendly, upbeat atmosphere in the office. We are also really lucky with our location, looking out onto Port Solent Marina, especially when the sun’s shining!

What do you do for fun / outside the office?

Day to day, mainly football and the gym. I also love going on holiday or on city breaks and seeing new places.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Just that I’m supported by an awesome bunch of people in the Liquid Friday payroll team. They really step up to the plate in challenging times and pull together to get everything done.
They make payroll smoother than I am! 

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