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Survey shows Brits find job satisfaction at age 45

Middle age doesn’t come with too many benefits (you could say there are fewer perks, and everything’s less perky!) But according to a recent study, that period of life is when UK workers achieve job satisfaction, with 45 the average age they are finally happy with their career.

The research, carried out by jobsite Indeed, surveyed 1500 employees and found that by their mid-forties, the average worker will have had eight jobs and four career setbacks.

The commonest bumps on the road to job satisfaction were reported to be rejection after interview, falling out with a boss and redundancy.

Interestingly the study’s findings contradict other research (carried out by Economist David Blanchflower) which suggests that general unhappiness peaks at 47.2 years old – a term dubbed as “middle-aged misery.” Make of that what you will!

Generation gap

Between generations, different factors count when it comes to measuring job satisfaction.

According to the study, Gen Z is more concerned with social conscience than they are about earnings, with 83% of 18-24 year olds saying they would be satisfied working for an organisation that is committed to “doing good”.

Money in their pocket is more important to Millenials, as 49% measure their job satisfation by having a higher salary than their peers. Additionally, flexible working is a priority for 69% and company perks for 33%.

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