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Talks Begin on Contractor Group Collaboration

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Two leading contractor groups are in discussion about the possibility of working together to form a united front when it comes to dealing with contracting issues, the Roof Cladding and Insulation website reports.

Talks between the National Specialist Contractors Council (NSCC) and the UK Contractors Group (UKCG) reportedly began back in January this year, when a statement was released that members of both organisations had requested better representation and more opportunities for communication.

The conversation is now said to be continuing, with NSCC president Kevin Louch recently describing the proposal as “visionary.”

“I feel that it is an opportunity that offers substantial benefits to our sector,” he stated. “I have seen over the last two years as NSCC President just how we could transform our industry if the contracting sector presented a more united view.”

According to the NSCC, the coming together of both organisations – and possibly the creation of a new organisation that unites contractor members and trade associations – would create an improved business environment.

Not only would the sector supposedly become more productive as a result of such a collaboration, it would also act as a neutral position from which to address issues such as talent shortages and the pre-qualification process.

So far the groups have already shown the existence of a common ground between them, as demonstrated by the industry-approved card scheme logo and the Construction Supply Chain Payment Charter.

Stephen Radcliffe, the UKCG’s director, and Suzanne Nichol, chief executive of the NSCC, will work together to develop this idea further and look at how the contracting supply chain might be able to work together more efficiently. The proposal is currently up for consultation with UKCG contractor and affiliate members, as well as NSCC member companies.