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Thank you Lara for an incredible 10 years!

Last month our inspiring Head of HR, Lara Biggs, celebrated an amazing 10 years with Liquid Friday! She truly has seen it all throughout our company evolution and the various challenges that the umbrella industry has faced over the past decade.

Here Lara shares here standout memories of her career to date with Liquid Friday:

Congratulations on 10 years Lara! Tell us a bit about your time at Liquid Friday

“Well, back when I started the team only consisted of 3 members. So there was definitely multi-tasking! Everyone had to get involved with customer registrations, expenses and payroll, so it was a steep learning curve.

Once the company started growing I realised what I most enjoyed was speaking to and signing up new customers so I started spending more time on that and eventually built up a team and became Customer Care Manager.

I took on the role of HR Manager after I returned from maternity leave with my first child. It was at a time when the company was experiencing significant growth and we realised we needed someone to look after all the new staff.”

What about outside of work?

“So thinking back over the last decade, I got married right at the start of my joining Liquid Friday, so I’m celebrating my ten year wedding anniversary this year too! I have also now got two little girls who keep me busy most of the time!”

What do you remember about your first day?

“Straight away that there was just such a friendly and welcoming feel to the company, both towards staff and customers – more like a family.”

What’s the best thing about your job?

“I would say the variety, I’m dealing with new things every day. I also love working with the people in the company- everyone is genuinely really friendly and nice.”

What is your best memory from your time at Liquid Friday?

“About 6 years ago, maybe even more, we went on a team trip to Paris. It was an amazing experience to share. We saw so much while we were there and had the best time together. I’d love to go back!”

“A true leader”

Liquid Friday’s Head of Operations, Joe Taffurelli, congratulated Lara on her landmark anniversary and outlined her contribution to the team:

“Lara truly embodies everything that is great about our business. Her dedication to delivering exceptional customer service, sharing her knowledge and experience with others and always striving for excellence is why she is a true leader within our business.

Lara’s commitment and outstanding contribution has made her a true Liquid Legend. Thank you Lara and here’s to the next decade!”