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Top 3 ways to use the Liquid Friday App

Hands up who would be lost without their smartphone? Guilty! These days we manage so much of our lives on our phones, with apps for money, work, health, time and loads more besides. 

We weren’t about to let Liquid Friday contractors be left behind. 

In February this year we launched our contractor app. After so much planning and development, it felt fantastic (and nerve-wracking) to finally get it into the hands of contractors and see what everyone thought.

So, that’s how it started…here’s how it’s going. 

To date, over 2500 contractors are actively using the app. At one point it was even on the App Store’s most downloaded list!   

Here are the top 3 ways people are currently using the app to manage their assignment finances:

1. Requesting advances

Once you’ve had your first payroll through Liquid Friday, you will be able to request a pay advance directly through the app. This is really useful if an unexpected expenditure comes up and you need to access your wages early. Car breaks down, forgot the wife’s birthday? We’ve got you! 

2. Viewing payslips

It’s always good to know what you’ve been paid and the breakdown of your wages. Therefore it’s no surprise that most people are turning to the app to view their payslip, without the need to sit in front of a computer to do it. 

Don’t forget we’ll still send you a text message when you’ve been paid, and the team is on hand to answer any questions relating to your Liquid Friday payments.

3. Finding a new assignment

We’ve had loads of great feedback on this feature. When you are looking for a new assignment, just click the toggle to “Want new assignment” within the app. 

We will then pass this information to your agency, so they know you are available and can put you forward for any suitable placements as soon as they come up.

Best of the rest…

While these are the most popular ways to use the Liquid Friday app, there are lots of other great functions to explore.

The in-app live chat function connects you with a member of the Liquid Friday team – a real  person, not a bot!

Through the app you can also access the fantastic benefits that come with working with Liquid Friday. These include discounts and savings on many big brands – including major supermarkets. Click here to find out more about Liquid Friday Reward Club.

You can also use the app to refer your friends to Liquid Friday, and get a cash reward each time you do. 

What’s to come

Work to enhance the app is ongoing and we’re using feedback from contractors to know the areas to improve on in future versions. 

The next app update will make it easier for contractors to keep us up to date with their current assignment. Simultaneously, we will be launching new technology for recruitment agencies to help them make placements quicker. Find out more here

Before long, contractors will be able to fully register with Liquid Friday through the app, by completing a digital application form, and will also be able to instantly upload documents and check their registration status.

It’s all happening, so watch this space, and keep the feedback coming!