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We’ve passed our annual FCSA review!

We’re over the moon to have received confirmation that Liquid Friday has passed its annual FCSA review, making us accredited FCSA members for a whopping 7 years! 

We take the accreditation process very seriously and we are 100% invested in ensuring that our operations consistently meet the standards set by FCSA’s Codes of Compliance for both Umbrella and CIS services. 

FCSA Review 2020

The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association is the UK’s largest independent trade association for professional employment service providers, including umbrella companies, CIS contracting services and contractor accountants.

As FCSA members, we are independently reviewed and tested annually by Ernst and Young LLP, with the results disclosed to HMRC. The bar is high, and there is no room for bad practice. 

This year, we are particularly delighted to have passed our review with flying colours. 2020 has not been an easy year for anyone, and the team have really stepped up to the challenge; their dedication and commitment never wavering. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic we were the first umbrella company to implement a furlough scheme and during the months of the crisis have supported nearly 1,000 colleagues and their families with over £1 million in furlough payments, while facilitating the assignments of key workers up and down the country.

It’s onwards and upwards as the economy gets on its feet, businesses reopen and assignments pick up. As things gradually get back to normal, we’re here to support contractors and agencies in any way we can. 

Welcoming Phil Pluck as FCSA CEO

Phil Pluck, FCSA’s newly appointed CEO, emailed his congratulations on passing our annual accreditation review.

Phil brings considerable experience in leading professional membership bodies. He was also Director of the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, later going on to advise Government at ministerial level and influence employment legislation.

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome Phil and look forward to working with him in raising standards in our sector and acting in the interests of contractors and contractor supply chains. 

At the same time it’s with a heavy heart that we say goodbye and good luck to FCSA’s outgoing CEO Julia Kermode. We thank Julia for all her support and guidance over the years and we hope that our paths still cross in her future endeavours.