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4 steps to seamless work as a contractor

Sourcing work as a contractor is very different to looking for permanent employment…and it’s all in the timing. 

Financially and professionally, the best case scenario is to be able to move seamlessly from one assignment to the next, with no downtime (unless you want a break of course!)

If you wait until you are out of work before looking for your next role, you could be between jobs for longer than you’re comfortable with. Even when you are in work, it’s a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for the next opportunity and your name uppermost in recruiters’ minds. 

Obviously, there’s no way to guarantee that every contract will land exactly when you want it to. But you you can keep yourself visible and maximise your options with a few simple steps: 

1. Get your contractor CV in top shape

Clients are focussed on the immediate needs of current projects and will often fill contractor roles within days. Your CV is the document most likely to influence your chances of being put forward for the role, and ultimately landing it. 

Therefore, your CV should primarily highlight what you can do and lots of proof that you have done it before with great results. Your long-term career goals will be largely irrelevant in this scenario, so save the space for hard evidence of your skills and experience, and above all, keep it up to date.

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2. Keep up with job boards and social media

Even if you are mid-assignment, don’t stop browsing! The major job boards, like Indeed, make it really simple to stay up to date with vacant roles to match your skills. Once you enter your details and a few keywords to refine your job search you will be able to get new opportunities straight to your inbox.

LinkedIn is also an indispensable tool for networking and keeping your eye on the market. You can use it to promote your skills, experience and achievements to a large audience. You can also join industry groups, get endorsed for your skills, follow industry news and connect with people, companies and recruiters in your sector. 

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3. Let your recruitment agency do what they do best

Agencies specialising in contract and fixed term roles in your industry give you the absolute best chance of repeat assignments, so speak to agencies and get on their databases. 

When you first connect with a recruitment consultant, discuss your skills and the sort of contracts you are interested in. This is your opportunity to sell yourself, so that they can sell you to their clients! 

If two or more candidates are evenly matched in terms of skills and experience, factors such as enthusiasm and credibility could give you the edge in securing the role.

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4. Download the Liquid Friday App

We’ve established how your recruitment consultant can be your BFF when it comes to placing you on new assignments! But if they don’t know you are looking for work, the chances are you could miss out, especially in today’s lightning-fast  job market. 

One of the most exciting features of the Liquid Friday app is that you can just click a button to tell us you are looking for your next assignment. We’ll let your agency know in real time, so they know you are available for work, so you’re immediately in the running for any suitable roles that come up.

If that’s not seamless, we don’t know what is! The app is available to download now, just search Liquid Friday in your app store, or find out more here.