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Brand new app puts your contractor finances at your fingertips

PRESS RELEASE: Leading umbrella company Liquid Friday has launched its brand new app, allowing contractors to control and manage their assignment finances from their smartphone. 

Instant pay advances & much more

With the app, contractors working with Liquid Friday can request cash advances on-demand, view their current and historic payslips and get live web support from the umbrella’s dedicated customer service team. 

The app also gives users access to a huge array of rewards and benefits exclusive to Liquid Friday contractors, including free specialist mortgage advice and a private GP service.

Find work faster

In an industry first, the app actually helps contractors find their next job. They simply click in the app that they are available for a new assignment and Liquid Friday then passes that information back to their agency in real time. Not only is this great for workers, reducing their down time between contracts, it’s game-changing for recruitment agencies, helping them redeploy their existing talent faster. 

Liquid Friday’s CEO, Colin Gunnell, said:

“We’re delighted to get the app launched and into contractors’ hands. While we’re not the only umbrella company on the market to have an app, we didn’t want it to be something we just had for the sake of it – we wanted it to add real value. We’ve put considerable research and investment into the development process, and we believe the result will truly transform how contractors manage their assignments, and interact and engage with us.”  

The Liquid Friday contractor app is available now in the App Store and on Google Play.

Find out more here or contact the Liquid Friday team directly.